Who is Aluminum Petunias?!?


Who is Aluminum Petunias?!?

My name is Kim Bloomfield, I am a mother to a 20yo boy.. He is a great kid with a lot of his dad in him (likes to be social on his terms  .) He has been raised on going to 'shows' so honestly for a 20yo boy, he's a great helper. Plus he likes to get paid, who is fooling who!?!?

I just left my full time job in September of 2020 after I needed to make a 'life' changes I was doing Etsy, shows and supplying booths with my products--Shopify came about when Etsy decided to suspend my account. (Plus everyone said I needed to make the leap and do Shopify)

I am pretty picky about what shows I do because let's face it, we have all sat somewhere all day long and barely made the booth fee back... I think that is the most discouraging thing that can happen to a vendor! In the last 5 years. I have met and made some AMAZING vendors and some I have developed big relationships with. In addition, the show hosts are big reasons why we go back to a show. 4 years ago, I desperately wanted to back out of a show bc LSU was playing UT but I went because I committed and I met one of my best friends today. I also have another friend who I call the President of Aluminum Petunias (she gets paid in iced coffee)


My "team' of getting everything ready from online sales, online listings, pressing of shirts, getting files organized, packaging, tagging etc is a bit wide LOL... I can't wait to introduce you to everyone!!!

Being a vendor virtually/online/and in person has been a wonderful experience and it makes me realize that I can be apart of the community and make some money as well.. Seems I am officially in 6 vendor shop across East Tennessee and I love to participate in local area shows!

So why do I do this and why the name??? Back in 2012, Tyler and I lost his dad, my husband to brain cancer. After getting settled, I was lost with 'what to do'... my mom kept telling me i needed a purpose. I started crafting.. wood signs, cups with saying, just about anything I could do with a silhouette. I tackled my first 'big' show in 2014 (Lenoir City Arts and Craft fair). From there things went pretty well and I knew I could do this. I have definitely evolved through the years and for the last 2.5-3, I have landed on shirts, hats, stickers etc...

Why the name... Todd use to make fun of me for watching Steel Magnolias and he would call it Aluminum Petunias. As we know, coming up with a name is incredibly hard and one Saturday afternoon, I will flipping channel and BAM, Steel Magnolias was on. I knew what my name had to be. After all, he is the reason why I'm doing 'this.' I would like to think he is smiling down from heaven.

If you have made it this far, I thank you. I have gained so many new FB followers over the years and knowing the person sometimes makes things a little sweeter. I love to support local and I encourage you to do the same. I am a complete open book so if you ever have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks for supporting me and my life. I have amazing family, friends and customers and I am truly blessed!