Bride UV DTF Cup Wrap-Theme, 16oz Libbey Glass, Libby Glass, Ready to Apply

Bride UV DTF Cup Wrap-Theme, 16oz Libbey Glass, Libby Glass, Ready to Apply

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***Shipping will be EVERY TUESDAY for UV DTF Prints. Orders placed thru Sunday of that week will ship on Tuesdays. Orders on that prior Monday will ship the next Tuesday. If you have any questions, please let me know***

Our prints are vibrant and can be applied to glass, plastic, wood, metal and most hard surfaces. Once applied, they provide an embossed effect that is permanent and waterproof. UV DTF Prints are not dishwasher safe.

This listing is for one (1) UV DTF cup wrap transfer for a 16oz cup that measures approximately 9.5" x 4.5" (actual print area varies by design)

Application Instructions:
** Make sure surface is clean using soap and water.
** We recommend watching a YouTube video or two to learn how to apply, we found success using the "hinge method".
** Using a soft cloth or squeegee, press the film pushing out any air bubbles.
** Peel clear top film slowly and at an angle making sure design is sticking to the surface.
** If you notice the design not sticking to the surface, place film back down and rub till the design sticks to the surface.
** Excess glue can be cleaned off with soap and water once design cures for 24 hours.

CAUTION! Ensure your wrap is lined up before removing the backing. Adhesive is VERY strong, once the glue touches the surface, do NOT attempt to remove.

*Please note that not all brands of 16 oz. glass cups have the exact same measurements.